For the family of Eric Garner it must have felt like the day he was murdered all over again. The grand jury decided not to indict a police officer for the chokehold murder of a man despite the video evidence, the testimony of several witness and a confirmation of murder due to compression of the throat from the coroner. I just have one question, what will it take for this country to finally say, yes this man who was supposed to uphold the law, and who just so happened to be white, was wrong for killing an unarmed Black man.

I wonder what the thinking was when the police approached Mr. Garner and whether they would’ve approached him had he been white. Remember he was only stopped because he was supposedly selling loose cigarettes. This is a petty crime at best, certainly not one that deserves the death penalty. I wonder if they looked at him as a human being. Did they realize that this man had a wife, and had children. Based on the outcome of the situation I think that they didn’t look at him as a human being, only as a Black suspect, an animal.

This is a frightening thought that Black, brown skinned man is in danger just because of their skin color and the negative perception that police have about them. And I’m not just talking about Black; I mean Latino, Native American and Caribbean as well. They continue to dehumanize and hunt us down like animals. They have no sense of what a human life is worth and for them the killing of a Black person is another trophy on their wall.I guess their thinking was “hey, it’s one less Black person on the streets, he wasn’t doing anything constructive, and he wasn’t benefiting society, so good riddance.”

Life is not important to them, so what Blacks need to do is to fight them in a way that would be significant to them, and that would be in their pockets.
Don’t buy for Xmas or New Year’s. Keep your money, spend wisely. Spend in Black owned businesses. Now I’m sure many are going to say, no I can’t boycott, I have children. Well let me just say this, because this affects every Black child. You need to explain to children why they are not getting those expensive sneakers or that new phone. Explain that to your children, because in ten years when they are adults, they will be dealing with the same thing. If we don’t take a stand, and let our voices be heard then this will continue. United we are strong, we can take a stand. Let’s get them in their pockets and then they’ll start to listen.


If It Wasn’t About Race Before, It Is Now

The Boeskool

Are they arresting a demonstrator? Or are the arresting a thug.... I guess that depends on who's doing the describing. (Photo by Joe Raedle/GETTY IMAGES) Are they arresting a demonstrator? Or are the arresting a thug…. I guess that depends on who’s doing the describing. (Photo by Joe Raedle/GETTY IMAGES)

Wow. Yesterday was rough. Monday night, after the Grand Jury decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson was announced, we watched as a couple of police cars and some stores burned, and we saw footage of looting…. though not surprisingly, there was almost no coverage of the members of the community and the protesters who stood guard outside of businesses in an attempt to protect them from looters and arsonists after it became clear the police were not going to. But the “News” channels are selling a product, and peaceful protesters and folks calling for calm and non-violence do not sell nearly as well as video of the same cop car on fire. Any way you look at what happened in Ferguson on Monday night, it was…

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A list of unarmed Blacks killed by police

I know that my parents who grew up in segregated Alabama never thought that they would have to worry about their children and grandchildren dealing with racism. It is 2014, why are Blacks still being hunted and shot down like animals by those who are sworn to uphold the “law” of the land.


Police Shooting

Here is a list of unarmed Blacks killed by police in the US. It is extremely incomplete. A complete list for just 2005 to 2012 would have at least 760 killings. I have only 6% of those. This list is just the tip of the iceberg.

Those in bold are linked to posts of their own:

2014: Victor White III (Iberia Parish, LA)
2014: Dante Parker (San Bernardino County, CA)
2014: Ezell Ford (Los Angeles, CA)
2014: Michael Brown (Ferguson, MO)
2014: Tyree Woodson (Baltimore, MD)
2014: John Crawford III (Beavercreek, OH)
2014: Eric Garner (New York, NY)
2014: Yvette Smith (Bastrop, TX)
2014: Jordan Baker (Houston, TX)
2013: Barrington Williams (New York, NY)
2013: Carlos Alcis (New York, NY)
2013: Deion Fludd (New York, NY)
2013:Jonathan Ferrell (Bradfield Farms, NC)
2013: Kimani Gray (New York, NY)
2013: Kyam Livingstone (New York, NY)
2013: Larry Eugene Jackson, Jr…

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The Conscience Crisis

Most of us are born with an inner sense of what is right and wrong. As we get older that inner sense, our conscience, solidifies and we become upstanding, law abiding citizens.  Then there is the opposite side of the spectrum, those with no conscience. These people are typically described as having little or no empathy,  being remorseless, egocentric, self centered and display criminal and other antisocial behaviors. (We all know someone  who exhibit some of these behaviors).  Thankfully in the past there has always been a balance in favor of those with rather than without. Today it seems that there is a shift in the other direction. One only has to turn to their local news to see what I mean.  Crime is certainly on the rise and rape, murder, deception, and a disregard for our fellow human beings are the common theme of  every newscast, television show, movie or song.  Sadly these are not isolated incidents confined to the northern hemisphere but are occurring worldwide.
But how did we get so far? We can’t say that it was one event that turned the tide, but it was more of a progression. I think back to twenty years ago and question whether things were so bad. My answer would be no. Sure there were some who exhibited sociopathic behaviors but those were the rare cases, today they are more the norm. Part of the blame lies in medias glorification of wrong. The worst stories get the headline and the most attention, while “do good” pieces, get a brief mention at the end or is buried in the op-ed section.
And what will happen if we continue in this direction? People will become desensitized and their conscience will no longer guide their actions.  Society will only get worse and there will be a free for all much like what was depicted in the movie “The Purge”.
How do we prepare? For those who pray, this would be a good idea, everyone else should arm themselves as they prepare for this conscience crisis.

Racism Rears It’s Ugly Head 2014 Edition

Has anyone seen ABC’s newest show, “Black-ish”.  Not sure who okayed this name, but it’s just one more example of American racism at its finest.
I’m not a big TV watcher and happened to see this on a billboard on my way to work.  I was driving rather quickly, so on first glance I thought it said Blackies.  I was immediately angered but calmed down enough at work to look up the actual title.  For me the actual title, Black-ish is just as bad as saying Blackie and pushes the line just as far as Nigger, Coon, Spade, and all those other colorful words would.
Many questions flooded my head but the most important ones were how and who approved this racist name.  Not only is it offensive but it takes a characterization that has been used for years as a derogatory term and attempts to turn it into something acceptable.
Couldn’t they have come simply used the family’s last name or come up with some other name that was less offensive.
I’m disappointed (although not surprised) that this sort of racism still goes on today.  What makes me even more upset is that we have 2 well known “African-American” actors who are condoning the executives who okayed this name.
I have to hand it to the executives, they did an excellent job corralling the actors and  getting them to support the show.
The shows stars, Anthony Anderson stated: “Black-ish a family comedy about a black family. It’s one of the things that I think is interesting about the show, we’re not a family that happens to be black, we are a black family,”  and  “Black-ish” has less to do about race and more to do about ” first generation success” and “giving your children more than what you had growing up.”
Traci Ellis said. …Black-ish is more about family than it is racial….”It’s about a black family dealing with their ‘ish.’ So although the show is not about being black- within the ‘ish’. -a lot of cultural identity, race, and all those kinds of things come up.”
What!  Come on surely you could of come up with something better than that. If it’s not about being black, then why have that in the title of the show.  Shame on you two. SMH
At the end of the day, everyone has to eat and pay their bills, but if it means demeaning yourself or your race, then I’d have to go hungry for a minute.
Thumbs down to Black-ish.
Shame on everyone involved in the show who continue to promote racism in 2014.