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Racism Rears It’s Ugly Head 2014 Edition

Has anyone seen ABC’s newest show, “Black-ish”.  Not sure who okayed this name, but it’s just one more example of American racism at its finest.
I’m not a big TV watcher and happened to see this on a billboard on my way to work.  I was driving rather quickly, so on first glance I thought it said Blackies.  I was immediately angered but calmed down enough at work to look up the actual title.  For me the actual title, Black-ish is just as bad as saying Blackie and pushes the line just as far as Nigger, Coon, Spade, and all those other colorful words would.
Many questions flooded my head but the most important ones were how and who approved this racist name.  Not only is it offensive but it takes a characterization that has been used for years as a derogatory term and attempts to turn it into something acceptable.
Couldn’t they have come simply used the family’s last name or come up with some other name that was less offensive.
I’m disappointed (although not surprised) that this sort of racism still goes on today.  What makes me even more upset is that we have 2 well known “African-American” actors who are condoning the executives who okayed this name.
I have to hand it to the executives, they did an excellent job corralling the actors and  getting them to support the show.
The shows stars, Anthony Anderson stated: “Black-ish a family comedy about a black family. It’s one of the things that I think is interesting about the show, we’re not a family that happens to be black, we are a black family,”  and  “Black-ish” has less to do about race and more to do about ” first generation success” and “giving your children more than what you had growing up.”
Traci Ellis said. …Black-ish is more about family than it is racial….”It’s about a black family dealing with their ‘ish.’ So although the show is not about being black- within the ‘ish’. -a lot of cultural identity, race, and all those kinds of things come up.”
What!  Come on surely you could of come up with something better than that. If it’s not about being black, then why have that in the title of the show.  Shame on you two. SMH
At the end of the day, everyone has to eat and pay their bills, but if it means demeaning yourself or your race, then I’d have to go hungry for a minute.
Thumbs down to Black-ish.
Shame on everyone involved in the show who continue to promote racism in 2014.