The Conscience Crisis

Most of us are born with an inner sense of what is right and wrong. As we get older that inner sense, our conscience, solidifies and we become upstanding, law abiding citizens.  Then there is the opposite side of the spectrum, those with no conscience. These people are typically described as having little or no empathy,  being remorseless, egocentric, self centered and display criminal and other antisocial behaviors. (We all know someone  who exhibit some of these behaviors).  Thankfully in the past there has always been a balance in favor of those with rather than without. Today it seems that there is a shift in the other direction. One only has to turn to their local news to see what I mean.  Crime is certainly on the rise and rape, murder, deception, and a disregard for our fellow human beings are the common theme of  every newscast, television show, movie or song.  Sadly these are not isolated incidents confined to the northern hemisphere but are occurring worldwide.
But how did we get so far? We can’t say that it was one event that turned the tide, but it was more of a progression. I think back to twenty years ago and question whether things were so bad. My answer would be no. Sure there were some who exhibited sociopathic behaviors but those were the rare cases, today they are more the norm. Part of the blame lies in medias glorification of wrong. The worst stories get the headline and the most attention, while “do good” pieces, get a brief mention at the end or is buried in the op-ed section.
And what will happen if we continue in this direction? People will become desensitized and their conscience will no longer guide their actions.  Society will only get worse and there will be a free for all much like what was depicted in the movie “The Purge”.
How do we prepare? For those who pray, this would be a good idea, everyone else should arm themselves as they prepare for this conscience crisis.


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