For the family of Eric Garner it must have felt like the day he was murdered all over again. The grand jury decided not to indict a police officer for the chokehold murder of a man despite the video evidence, the testimony of several witness and a confirmation of murder due to compression of the throat from the coroner. I just have one question, what will it take for this country to finally say, yes this man who was supposed to uphold the law, and who just so happened to be white, was wrong for killing an unarmed Black man.

I wonder what the thinking was when the police approached Mr. Garner and whether they would’ve approached him had he been white. Remember he was only stopped because he was supposedly selling loose cigarettes. This is a petty crime at best, certainly not one that deserves the death penalty. I wonder if they looked at him as a human being. Did they realize that this man had a wife, and had children. Based on the outcome of the situation I think that they didn’t look at him as a human being, only as a Black suspect, an animal.

This is a frightening thought that Black, brown skinned man is in danger just because of their skin color and the negative perception that police have about them. And I’m not just talking about Black; I mean Latino, Native American and Caribbean as well. They continue to dehumanize and hunt us down like animals. They have no sense of what a human life is worth and for them the killing of a Black person is another trophy on their wall.I guess their thinking was “hey, it’s one less Black person on the streets, he wasn’t doing anything constructive, and he wasn’t benefiting society, so good riddance.”

Life is not important to them, so what Blacks need to do is to fight them in a way that would be significant to them, and that would be in their pockets.
Don’t buy for Xmas or New Year’s. Keep your money, spend wisely. Spend in Black owned businesses. Now I’m sure many are going to say, no I can’t boycott, I have children. Well let me just say this, because this affects every Black child. You need to explain to children why they are not getting those expensive sneakers or that new phone. Explain that to your children, because in ten years when they are adults, they will be dealing with the same thing. If we don’t take a stand, and let our voices be heard then this will continue. United we are strong, we can take a stand. Let’s get them in their pockets and then they’ll start to listen.


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